I sapori di un tempo
Salumi, carni fresche e tanti prodotti artigianali provenienti esclusivamente dal territorio della nostra Valtiberina Toscana
La stagionatura lenta
Il Ghiandaio un luogo per lavorare, salare, insaccare e stagionare le carni degli animali da noi allevati allo stato semibrado
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"Anguilla dell'ancione", le "Salsicce sotto crusca", il "Traculo" e la "Ventresca del Tevere": salumi ed insaccati tipici toscani

Il Ghiandaio: tuscany pork's meat with naturally seasoned

outdoor Il GhiandaioNext to the farmhouse where we live, on the hills of Valtiberina in Tuscany, there is an old cottage that we have always called "Il Ghiandaio" and that was once used to keep corncobs, acorns and walnuts throught the winter.

Swine breeding is our business, so we have decided to change this building into a place where the meat of our animal (that are bred in a semi - wild state) is cut, saled down, made into sausages and finally seasoned.

Our pigs are born in the farm's barns and then raised by the shores of Montedoglio lake. They are fed with the best organic feedstuff and then are left free to graze on the pastures of our hills until their meat gets the right texture and is ready to undergo our traditional curing methods.

Along with traditional products like salami, capocollo, pork loin, shoulder ham and Tuscan ham (whose taste is the gift of time, hillside winds and natural flavours) Il Ghindaio offers some specialities that are the result of enticing culinary innovation.

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Give a break to yourself

Inside of our store you can be based and taste a healthy one merenda made up of from Tuscany typical products: salame, prosciutto, cheeses and products under olive oil.

Typical Products

Salami a typical Tuscan product

Traditional Sausages

In addition to the more traditional products such as salami, capocolli, loins, hams and shoulders, at the Ghiandaio you can find also the result of attractive innovations and special flavors.

Manufacture Craft

Natural Seasoning

We want to highlight our craftsmanship ours salumi are salated and made into sausages and finally seasoned with natural methos, without frigorifere cells and heater.