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Meats and Sausages Taste of Tuscany In this section of our web site we introduce our typical Tuscan products produced and processed entirely by us with genuine meat at 0 miles.

Traditional Products

Anguilla dell'ancione Finocchiona Il Ghiandaio Lombo e Capocollo

Pancetta Prociutto Salame Salsicce

Sott'Oli Traculo Ventresca del Tevere

Special Flavors

Il Ghiandaio offers some specialities that are the result of enticing culinary innovation.

Anguilla dell'ancione ANGUILLA DELL'ANCIONE

(Ancione's eel) - pork filet cured and seasoned as it should be... to be tasted in this slices on a piece of Tuscan bread with extra-virgin olive oil.

Anguilla dell'ancione Marinata ANGUILLA DELL'ANCIONE MARINATA

(Pickled Ancione's eel) - pork filet cured and seasoned as it should be and preserved in extra-virgin olive oil. It can be served "boned" and enriched with a drop of extra-virgin olive oil.


(Sausages preserved in bran) - these sausages are dried in the fresh air of Valtiberina and then complete their seasoning cicle covered in brain. This method was used by the local farmers instead of preserving sausages under oil, wich was a luxury...


It is the final portion of the ham cut, seasoned in natural pork bowel.

Ventresca del Tevere VENTRESCA DEL TEVERE

(Tevres's tuna belly) - It is a cut of the pork's stomatch that is naturally seasoned with local herbs.